About Me

Hello!  I'm Gregory B. Sadler, and my life's calling is bringing philosophy into practice. This blog is one place where I do that.

As a speaker, author, educator, and consultant, one of my main roles involves making complex classic philosophical ideas accessible for a wide audience of professionals, students, and life-long learners.  People need frameworks, applications, and guidance to successfully incorporate those useful ideas into their own personal and professional lives, and I provide those with enthusiasm and competence.  I also help people find and use philosophical resources to map out and make difficult decisions, understand and solve complex problems, and reorient their practice and projects into more positive directions.

Having traveled down these paths myself, I know how powerful, exciting, and helpful well-understood ideas from philosophy can be for individuals and to organizations.  Think of me as your expert guide, ready to lead you through the mountain ranges, metropolises, and labyrinths of an entire library of philosophical works, and bring you back not only having learned, but with a rucksack full of treasures and tools

With over a decade of professional experience as an educator, researcher, scholar, and internationally published author, I’ve developed and delivered high-impact educational content in a variety of formats and settings.  I specialize in Ethics, Critical Thinking, Practical Reasoning, the History of Ideas, and Assessment of Student Learning.

If you're interested in my education, academic background, publications, faculty development work, or teaching experience, you can find my Curriculum Vitae available online here

I also produce an ever-growing body of video lectures on a variety of philosophical texts, thinkers, and topics.  You can find my course videos here, and my YouTube channel here. I'm currently in the process of developing several entire online courses using these videos but providing students with a number of other valuable resources as well.

Interested in booking me to deliver a talk, provide a workshop, or to contribute my experience, training, and insight in a consult or conversation?  I encourage you to contact me, or my marketing director, through my consulting company, ReasonIO -- philosophy is my passion, and bringing it into practice is what I live to do!

If you'd like one-on-one Tutorials in Philosophy, or if you'd like to engage an APPA-certified Philosophical Counselor, I offer those services as well.