About Dr. Sadler

Hello!  I'm Gregory B. Sadler.  I'm a philosopher by training, trade, and inclination, and while I do engage in philosophy in a traditional academic way, I also focus much of my work on bringing philosophy into more public, practical, and popular modes.  This blog is one virtual place where I do precisely that.

I started Orexis Dianoētikē back in 2010, when I was still working in a traditional, tenure-track position at Fayetteville State University.  My original motive was to develop a space in which I could indulge in writing about philosophy and other related matters, in a format freed from the confines of typical academic writing.

In 2011, I chose to leave my position - where I was up for early tenure and promotion, and moving into academic leadership posts - to relocate to New York, and begin a new phase of my philosophical career.  It was an easier choice than one might expect, since it put me in the same place as the love of my life, my then-fiancee (now wife), Andi Sciacca.  We've recently been fortunate enough to be able to relocate to our home state of Wisconsin - living in the great city of Milwaukee.

I've continued to teach occasionally as an adjunct, transitioning entirely to online courses, and working with several innovative, startup alternative platforms and institutions.  The majority of my work - carried out through my company, ReasonIO - involves other activities, which include:

  • creating philosophy-focused videos on YouTube, both in my main channel, and in a channel specifically devoted to Critical Thinking, Logic, and Argumentation
  • public speaking in a variety of settings, including educational institutions, conferences, libraries, churches, professional and business organizations, and even restaurants.
  • individual tutoring and academic coaching with clients
  • APPA-certified philosophical counseling, and executive coaching (the latter through Priority Thinking)
  • philosophy-informed consulting with individual, educational, professional, and organizational clients, focused particularly on critical thinking, ethics, leadership, and innovation.
  • more popularly-focused writing, primarily in this blog, in Half Hour Hegel, (more occasionally) in Heavy Metal Philosopher, and more recently in Stoicism Today (for which I am now the editor).  I occasionally contribute pieces in other venues.
  • traditional academic research, presentations, and publications

If you're interested in my education, academic background, publications, faculty development work, or teaching experience, you can find my Curriculum Vitae available online here.

To read more detailed discussion of the main focuses of my present research, writing, speaking, and other work, you can go to my Main Research Interests and Projects page.

If you go to my Talks, Workshops, and Presentations page, you'll find a chronological listing of over 100 of those, with links to videos and podcasts of many of them.

Interested in booking me to deliver a talk, provide a workshop, or to contribute my experience, training, and insight in a consult or conversation?  I encourage you to contact me, or my marketing director, through my consulting company, ReasonIO -- philosophy is my passion, and bringing it into practice is what I live to do!

If you'd like one-on-one Tutorials in Philosophy, or if you'd like to engage an APPA-certified Philosophical Counselor, you can book me for those services as well.