Public Speaking

One main area of my work in philosophy involves public speaking.  My experience ranges from radio interviews and discussions aimed at a general audience to highly structured workshops, from invited academic lectures to conference presentations.

Over the years, I've been invited to deliver talks and workshops at Columbia University, Saint Anselm College, Christopher Newport University, Green Mountain College, Salve Regina College, Campbell University, Felician College, the Culinary Institute of America, and a number of other schools.

I've also given talks at libraries, churches, high-schools, idea salons,  restaurants, professional organizations, even behind the walls of a maximum security prison. 

If you're interested in having me come and speak, please email me at to discuss possible dates, topics, and fees.

Some of the talks I've given recently have included:
  • Before they Called It Mindfulness:  Philosophy, Practical Wisdom, and Paying Attention
  • Symposia, Then and Now: Or Why Did We Quit Drinking?
  • Ages of Nihilism and Renewal in Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Are There Really Seven?  Are They Really Deadly?
  • Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet and Boulud's Letters to a Young Chef
  • Just What Are Platonic Virtues?
  • Motive, Moral Discourse, and Conflict in George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire
  • Who Was Saint Anselm?
  • Aristotle, Akrasia, and Anger
  • Flipping the Classroom: Using Lecture Capture to Enhance Instruction

A number of the talks I've given have been subsequently published, and can be found in my Publications page.  If you'd like to see my other unpublished talks (with links to videos, podcasts, slides) organized by year, you can find them on this page.