Oct 21, 2013

Heavy Metal Philosopher: 10 Great Classic Metal Bassists (What Makes for Greatness?)

One of the side-projects I started in August -- actually a sort of 43rd birthday indulgence to myself -- was starting a new blog, one focused particularly on intersections between classic heavy metal music (a love of both my youth and my middle age) and philosophy.  I'd decided not to say much about it until I'd at least gotten a few entries under my belt.  Tonight I finally finished up an entry started some time back -- one whose subject matters I've been mulling over for quite some time: 10 Great Classic Metal Bassists: What Makes for Greatness?

I'm not entirely sure just what I intend to do with that blog -- I'm still in an experimental stage with it, where I allow myself to write about what catches my interest or presses me to think about it, even if perhaps it's not as explicitly philosophical as the name would imply.  It's not the first writing I've done motivated by my passionate attachments to heavy metal -- I've written a few pieces previously here in Orexis Dianoētikē:
It seemed to me time to start working out these lines of thinking in a more systematic and expansive sort of manner and forum.  So, there it is. . . .

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