Nov 21, 2015

Free Resources on Plato's Symposium

Back in the month of August, I taught a 4-week online course for the Global Center for Advanced Studies on Plato's Symposium -- a very enjoyable class, involving excellent student discussions!

When it comes to designing online classes, I'm a bit on the over-achiever side.  For every 2-hour videoconference class session, I produce a 25-40 slide presentation.  I also create video content, lesson pages, and handouts on the material we're studying.  Ok. . . so more than a bit . . . But my obsession is your gain, since I'm posting some of those resources here, free of charge, open-access.

Handouts On Plato's Symposium

It can be quite useful as you're making your way through this delightful dialogue on Love to have some overviews.  I created this entire set a few years ago, when teaching a course specifically on Love, Friendship, and Desire, and covering this text in particular.  I've now uploaded and posted them in my Academia portfolio.  I hope you find them useful.

Videos on Plato's Symposium

I also produced an entire sequence of videos for the class, focused on specific issues, ideas or aspects in the Symposium.

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