Mar 1, 2016

Half Hour Hegel Hits #100

One of the projects I started a bit over two years back - Half Hour Hegel - has crossed an important threshold.  The video lectures I've been creating, engaging in paragraph by paragraph commentary on G.W.F. Hegel's notoriously difficult Phenomenology of Spirit, now number in the triple digits.

With video #100, we're now just at the beginning of a lengthy section of the work, Reason (the second-longest portion of the text). We've gone through the Preface, the Introduction, the Consciousness section, and the Self-Consciousness section (which includes the famous Master-Slave dialectic).  So, although we're still early in the project as a whole, there's a pretty substantive digital commentary publicly available - for free - to anyone who has access to an internet connection and YouTube.

There are, of course (and thankfully!) some engaged fans and supporters who financially underwrite some of the work involved, through the Patreon site I set up to crowdfund this effort (if you'd like to see what's involved in creating one of these videos, here's one that I created walking viewers through the process).

It's quite a massive commitment and undertaking, likely to take me at least another three years of hard work to see through to the very end.  But, it's not only a project I view as an enjoyable challenge, but also hope will provide a useful commentary that will assist people in studying Hegel for decades to come.

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