Oct 2, 2016

Stoic Week Activities Coming Up

Every year (at least recently), one of my favorite philosophy-focused celebrations is Stoic Week, and it is coming up later on this month!  I first got involved with it three years ago, enrolling in the free online course developed by the members of the Stoicism Today project, and particularly Donald Robertson.

Since that first year, I've stepped up my own activities during the week and my involvement with the associated project.  The last two years I created a series of videos, one for each day (you can see those here) of the week.  I also hosted a Stoic Week event here in Milwaukee last year.  And, starting last March, I was very honored to be asked to take over as the editor of Stoicism Today.

I've already enrolled in the 2016 Stoic Week course, and I'm really looking forward to engaging in it again this year.  As someone who has been studying and teaching about Stoic philosophy for quite some time, I find it's very useful to work through the sort of materials and exercises that the course provides once a year.  I also enjoy reading and engaging in the daily discussions with fellow participants (who these days number in the thousands, worldwide!)  So, I can't recommend strongly enough that - for anyone who has any interest in Stoic philosophy, in improving their life, or learning something new and interesting - that you sign up for that free online course!

This year, I've got quite a few Stoicism-related things on the docket not only for Stoic Week but for the month of October as a whole, and I thought that my readers, subscribers, and social media connections might like to find out about some of them.   You can also find out about lots of other Stoic Week events worldwide by going to the Stoicism Today entry on them.

Monday, October 10, I'll be giving a rather technically-focused talk as part of the Midwest Seminar in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at Marquette University - "Prohairesis in Epictetus' Stoic Moral Theory".  They will be filming that, and providing me the footage later on, so if you miss it, you'll still have a chance to watch it down the line.

Saturday, October 15 is the STOICON conference in New York City, and I'll be one of the featured speakers there, leading a workshop - "Struggling with Anger? Useful Stoic Perspectives and Practices".

Tuesday, October 18, I'll be providing that same workshop- "Struggling with Anger? Useful Stoic Perspectives and Practices" - here in Milwaukee, hosted at the Central Library.  That event will be FREE, as a way for me to contribute something to our home town, and create awareness about the usefulness of Stoicism here as well.

Wednesday, October 19, I'll be hosting two online sessions for homeschool students (ages 11-18) on Outschool - "Introduction to Stoicism".  I'll post more information on those once they get listed on the Platform.

Sunday, October 23, I'll be opening a free, online, at-your-own-pace class in our ReasonIO school, hosted on the Teachable platform - "Epictetus' Enchiridion - A Commentary."  I'll actually be releasing the 21 roughly half-hour commentary videos I've created over the course of Stoic Week, which are an integral part of that organized commentary course.

Monday, October 31, I'm scheduled to give a talk at the Rockford University Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship - "What Stoicism Offers to Leaders and Entrepreneurs".  More on that as the information comes in - and we will hopefully be able to record that one as well

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