Jun 13, 2017

Just Reached 100 Videos On Stoic Philosophy!

In the last two weeks, I have released five short videos discussing key ideas of Cicero's Stoic Paradoxes.  Here's where two main focuses of my work in recent years come together.  One of these involves studying, applying, and teaching about Stoic philosophy.  The other is producing popular online videos on a wide range of thinkers, texts, and topics in philosophy.

Adding in those Stoic Paradoxes videos to the many others I have created brings the total today to exactly 100!  I don't expect to rest on my laurels - I'll be producing many more! - but I do feel that reaching that number is a significant milestone that deserves some celebration.

You can find all 100 videos assembled in one massive YouTube playlist - Ancient Philosophy: The Stoic School - but for those who would like that list broken down into categories, you can find some of those below.  In addition to that - for any viewers who would like to support my ongoing video production - I'll put in a plug for my new Patreon page.

My Recorded Talks And Workshops on Stoic Philosophy

Here are the videorecordings of various Stoicism-related talks I have given in recent years.  These range from around 45 minutes to 90 minutes in length.

The Video Series On Epictetus' Enchiridion

Last year for Stoic Week, I created a sequence of 21 videos, providing a commentary on Epictetus' Enchiridion.  I applied the same sort of approach as with my Half Hour Hegel series - reading the textual passages, and then commenting on them line-by-line.  Each of them is between 25-35 minutes long.

Rather than copy all of those links here in this post, you can click here and go directly to the first of those Enchiridion commentary videos.

I also incorporated these videos into a full online course - Epictetus' Enchiridion: Ancient Philosophy & Peace of Mind - which students can sign up for and take for free, and work through at their own pace.

Core Concept Videos On Cicero's Stoic Paradoxes

These sequence is the most recent set of Stoic-themed videos I have created - focused on Cicero's short text, The Stoic Paradoxes.  Each of them is around 10-15 minutes long.

Core Concept Videos On Epictetus' Discourses

Some time back, I created a set of 44 short (10-25 minutes) videos on some of the various topics discussed by Epictetus in his Discourses.

That's a rather long list to copy links for as well, so as with the Enchiridion videos, I'll just direct you to the very first of these videos in the playlist.

These have been used as the basis for a popular online course on Epictetus' Discourses, hosted first on the GCAS Moodle site in 2015 and then by ReasonIO Moodle site in 2016.  I'm in the process of moving all of that course structure over to our ReasonIO Academy, and hope to have that available as an on-demand class later on this summer.

My Videos From Stoic Weeks

In 2014 and 2015, I challenged myself to create video content each of the seven days of Stoic Week. These vary considerably in length and in theme.  There are fourteen of these - though I should point out that one is included above in the Talks section.

Here is the first sequence, from 2014:
And here is the second, from 2015, when I chose to focus heavily on Cicero's works:

Videos From Face-To-Face and Online Classes

I've taught Stoic material in several different classes - Ethics, Introduction To Philosophy, and World Views and Values (rather similar to an Intro class).

You can click here to start with the first of the in-class videos, and click here to start with the first of the World Views and Values class videos on Stoic philosophy.