Aug 16, 2017

Philosophy Pop-Up Sessions

This month, I started holding a new type of online event - Philosophy Pop-Up sessions - for my viewers, subscribers, supporters, and any other sorts of fans of my work.  These are a bit experimental in nature, and we're still sorting out precisely how they're going to work.

What I had in mind was to go live and interact with the participants for about 30-40 minutes or so.  I thought I'd start by discussing a thinker or topic for a few minutes, and then see what questions or comments the viewers had for me.  As a perk for my Patreon supporters, I let them know at the start of the month when the Pop-Ups are coming up, and poll them about which thinkers and topics they'd like me to tackle.  Everybody else finds out that a Pop-Up is coming up through my various social media posts that very day that I run it - that's how it's a "pop-up" in the first place!

I'm using Facebook Live for one monthly session, and YouTube Live for the other monthly session.  There turns out to be a bit of a learning curve for both of those platforms - a bit more for the Facebook than the YouTube version.  Next time around, I should have both of those formats more or less down pat, and be ready to roll right out of the video gate!   I should add that, even though I do have the same broad topic for both sessions, what I specifically talk about - and of course the questions and comments I reply to - are entirely different from session to session.

Both of those formats do record the session, so that those who couldn't make them in the live versions can watch or listen to them if they like.  Here's the Facebook Live videorecording, where I started out by talking a bit about Heidegger and his attention to mood or affectivity:

And here's the YouTube Live videorecording - a session that went on quite a bit longer (a bit over an hour)!  In this one, I started out by talking about how we might apply Heidegger's conception of finitude to the very activity of reading philosophy.


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