Jan 17, 2018

Image For Hire Guest Appearance

Last night, I ventured out into the cold Milwaukee night and drove up to the Riverwest neighborhood.  I had a 9:00 PM appointment to go on as a guest on the Image for Hire radio show, hosted by The Skrauss on 104.1 FM.  That's Riverwest Radio, a community station here in Milwaukee that broadcasts on the radio locally and over the internet worldwide.

It was a great conversation, but before I go any further, here's the link - if you want to hear the conversation, click here.

I really like that central idea motivating The Skrauss' show - all about images, how affect and image go together, and how they can be used to "hack reality".  We don't usually talk about it in those terms, but that what moral philosophy - when it is done, studied, and applied in practical (rather than just academic) ways - aims to accomplish. 

The human person is part of reality, after all, and we use images not only to make sense of who we are, but also as models that allow us to make choices about who we are.  So, understanding, evaluating, and applying images winds up being a good part of what we do as practicing - or as Skrauss put it, "freelance" philosophers working with clients, students, or organizations.

We delved into a lot of topics:  Plato's allegory of the cave and a bit of Martin Heidegger's interpretation of it, what philosophical counseling is and how I use it with clients, whether philosophy and mysticism have any overlap (which depends on what we mean by "mysticism"), my work producing philosophy-focused YouTube videos, even our Worlds of Speculative Fiction talk series and online class (which you can enroll in here). Those are just a few!

A very fun and far-ranging conversation - and I'm looking forward to going on again sometime later this year!  And, a special thanks to my Patreon backers - their support underwrites my engagments in public philosophy!

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