Apr 13, 2018

AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session Tomorrow

Last year, I started offering AMA - Ask Me Anything - sessions online for my viewers, subscribers, readers, and other fans.  We use YouTube Live for these events, and you can access it by clicking on this link, once the session starts. You can even click on it now, and set up a reminder for the event.

The session will take place between 1-2 PM Central Time, Saturday, April 14.  You'll want to ask your question(s) early on.  I always get to those asked at the start of the session, but as they accumulate, I don't always have the time to get to all of those people ask at the end (even with often going overtime in these sessions).

If you'd like to see me in action in the previous sessions, fielding questions, addressing comments, even tackling complaints and confusions, here are links to the previous five AMA sessions:
All of the time and labor involved in these - and many other - free online events are underwritten by my Patreon supporters.  Their pledges help me earn a living for myself and my family doing work I love - making philosophy accessible to people of all walks of life, all over the world.  If you'd like to become a supporter, here's where you can do that.

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