Philosophy Videos

As with anything of this sort, there's an interesting story about how I first wandered into the world of YouTube, and then decided to use it as a medium in which to teach about, discuss, and popularize philosophical ideas, thinkers, and texts.  If you'd like to read that story, it's available here.  If you'd rather just check out the video courses and the other video series I've produced (some of them still in process), here they are!

Full YouTube Courses:

  • Ethics: Moral Theories and Applications:  videos from my Spring 2012 Ethics class, supplemented with a few from my Fall 2011 Ethics class and others from my Spring 2013 Ethics class
  • Introduction to Philosophy:  videos from my Fall 2011, Spring 2012, and Fall 2013 Introduction to Philosophy classes, supplemented by several videos from my Fall 2011 Ethics, to help round out the sequence
  • World Views and Values:  54 videos from my entirely online World Views and Values class, taught for both Marist College (in 10 week version) and Oplerno (12 week version)
  • Religion in America: videos from my Spring 2014 Religion in America class.  Down the line, I hope to a much more in-depth set of courses on these themes and material. (page currently in production)
  • Critical Thinking: my first video-recorded course, taught at FSU, the institution whose channel contains the videos for this course.  Later down the line, I'll be producing a new, better, much fuller Critical Thinking class -- but for the present, this one is not bad
  • Existentialist Philosophy and Literature:  an ongoing study of key texts and thinkers from this loose philosophical movement -- right now about 50 videos available, eventually another 60 planned
  • Half-Hour Hegel: The Complete Phenomenology of Spirit:  a major project, which will eventually grow to about 250-300 videos.  In each of these, I examine 1-3 paragraphs of the great German Idealist, G.W.F. Hegel's first major work.

Other Video Series Available

Philosophy Core Concept Videos: a new series of shorter (10-25 minute) videos, designed to help students and lifelong learners with difficult philosophical ideas.  Each one focuses on one key concept from one philosopher's text. [coming soon]

Videos of My Talks: these are talks I've given at various places over the last two years, ranging over a variety of topics, all of which were academic in some sense.

Bonus Videos:  Links to a few other non-academic videos in which I was involved in one way or another.  Some of my readers might get a kick out of these