Philosophy Videos

 The Story About My Philosophy Videos (scroll down to just get to the videos)

In Spring of 2011, while still teaching at Fayetteville State University, I began using lecture capture -- videoing my class lectures, then editing them and uploading them into YouTube.  The first class that I started this with was the introductory level Core course, Critical Thinking.

My students loved it -- if they missed a class they could watch the video and find out exactly what we had covered, even down to what I put on the chalkboard, what questions got asked and how they were answered, the specific examples I used or came up with on the spot.  Many of my students who didn't miss class would watch videos to reinforce what they had learned, go back over what they found difficult or confusing -- in short to deepen their learning.

The big surprise was how many other students -- and even people not in school -- were watching these videos not only in the United States, but all across the world.  They emailed me, commented on the videos, sent private messages in YouTube -- and actually still continue to do so.

After I relocated to New York, and started teaching for Marist College, I decided to keep on producing course videos, now assisted by my thank-goodness!-tech-savy wife and collaborator, Andi Sciacca.  In Fall of 2011, I taught, and we edited video series for Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics courses.

Spring 2012 semester, we continued producing new videos, this time a sequence from my new Ethics courses.  A number of these are composites of material from two class sessions taught back to back, but using different examples, going more into depth in one class about one subject, then another subject in the other class -- cutting, editing, fusing them into one longer teaching video.

In Fall, 2010, we started shooting two new video sequences -- both of them still ongoing at the present time.  The first series is a set of hour-long lectures about classic works in Existentialist Philosophy and Literature.  The second series of shorter (10-20 minutes generally) is a bit different.  They're called Philosophy Core Concept videos, and each one of them focuses on one key but tricky idea from one philosopher's text.

The Courses and their Videos:

Existentialist Philosophy and Literature:  an ongoing study of key texts and thinkers from this loose philosophical movement -- right now about 30 videos available, eventually another 70 planned

A Course In Ethics: eventually, this will grow to be the sort of Ethics class I'd like to teach (about 45-50 videos).  For the time being, videos from my Spring 2012 Ethics class, supplemented with a few from my Fall 2011 Ethics class and others from my Spring 2013 Ethics class

Introduction to Philosophy:  videos from my Fall 2011 and Spring 2013Introduction to Philosophy classes, supplemented by several videos from my Fall 2011 Ethics, to help round out the sequence

Critical Thinking: my first video-recorded course, taught at FSU, the institution whose channel contains the videos for this course.  Later down the line, I'll be producing a new, better, much fuller Critical Thinking class -- but for the present, this one is not bad

Other Videos Available

Philosophy Core Concept Videos: a new series of shorter (10-25 minute) videos, designed to help students and lifelong learners with difficult philosophical ideas.  Each one focuses on one key concept from one philosopher's text. [coming soon]

Videos of My Talks: these are talks I've given at various places over the last two years, ranging over a variety of topics, all of which were academic in some sense.

Dr. Sadler Chalk And Talk: shorter (15-20 minute) talks in which I address some issue or answer some question put to me by my blog readers, members of my YouTube audience, or other VYousers. [coming soon]

Bonus Videos:  Links to a few other non-academic videos in which I was involved in one way or another.  Some of my readers might get a kick out of these