Feb 8, 2015

Valentines Day - Time to Give Some Thought

Valentine's Day is coming up this week.  While I've got a talk scheduled for the morning -- the next one in my Understanding Anger series -- my brilliant and beautiful wife lined up an excellent finish for the evening, attending a musical performance, the Felice Brothers, who are playing right here in town.  So. . .  I've got to devote some thought to what contribution I can make to our Valentine's day.

If you're like me -- and if you're reading this blog, there's a good chance that we share some such affinities -- you might possibly find yourself sufficiently devoted to the life of the mind, and all of the work that goes along with that, that it's easy to put things like Valentine's day onto the back burner until it's a bit late to plan anything really romantic. . .  at least to plan it out well.  But at least, fortunately, there are quite a few, let's call them "thoughtful" valentines out there, readily available on the interwebs.

What makes them "thoughtful"?  Well, they're all pretty clever, sometimes even funny, and they all use some great or at least famous intellectual as a subject matter.  What could be better, if you're a smart guy or girl, and if you've got a similarly intelligent, perhaps even geeky spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or even crush. . . .

So, here they are -- read, laugh, enjoy, and perhaps even send some of them.  I did!

Critical Theory Valentine's Day Cards to Rock Your World -- from Critical Theory

Philosophy Valentine's Day Cards -- from Hugging The Horse

More Intellectual Valentine's Day Cards -- from Happy Intellectual Valentine's Day (who promises to create more for this year)

Valentine's Day Cards From Literary Characters -- from Bookish

If you're looking for something a bit different, still the kind of thing that an intellectual mate might appreciate, then there's always:

Dictator and Famous People's Valentine's Day Cards -- from Bored Panda

Awkward Valentine's Day Cards for Modern Living -- from Huffington Post Comedy

and, if all else fails, there's always The Oatmeal's Horrible Love Cards -- kinda witty, if you read them in the right light.

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