May 26, 2016

Plato's Symposium Class Now Enrolling

As the Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics class gets close to finishing up, we've opened up enrollment for another online class, this time on Plato's Symposium!

I'm very happy to be teaching this 4-week entirely online class again with a new group of students for a number of reasons, but I'll just mention two of those reasons here.

One of them is that this is a Platonic dialogue that I'm particularly interested in.  Each time that I teach it, I learn something new in the process.  And I love initiating new readers into this very rich, complexly crafted philosophical text - getting to see their own reactions, their puzzles, and eventually their own articulated understanding of the speeches Plato places in his character's mouths, all about that most important of topics - Love.

The other reason is that, this time around, I've already done much of the laborious work, planning, design, and production that goes into building a high-quality online class.  I'll add some new elements, to be sure - I always do, even with texts and subjects I've been teaching for nearly two decades - but I get to do that at my leisure, this time around!

The class runs from June 19th to July 16th.   If you'd like to learn more about the class, check out this video I've created discussing it.

And if you'd like to enroll, request specific information, or get our our mailing list to be informed about future class offerings, you can go here.

The class runs for four weeks, uses videoconferencing for weekly class sessions with me as the instructor, and provides a comprehensive online learning environment stocked with all sorts of materials designed to help students get the most out of studying the Symposium, including:
  • Course Lesson Pages
  • Course Videos 
  • Handouts and Worksheets on the Materials
  • Interactive Class Forums
  • Links to Online Resources
There are two tiers for tuition for the class:
  • Tier I Fee: $100 (includes access to all sessions and materials)
  • Tier II Fee: $200 (Tier I content + assignments & individual feedback)
Both of these are very affordable ways for you to study a classic work by Plato with guidance from a scholar and seasoned professor.   Students in the class also receive a special reduced rate on any tutorial sessions they decide to book with me during the course of the class.

If you'd like to work your way through one of the greatest of the Platonic dialogues - and a seminal work on the nature of love, sexual desire, and friendship - sign up to study Plato's Symposium with me.  As of right now (after opening enrollment several days ago), we've got seventeen seats left.  It's going to be an excellent course!

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