Sep 4, 2017

A Baker's Dozen of Interviews and Guest Appearances

I love doing interviews and putting in guest appearances, for several reasons.  Each new podcast, website, video series, or other venue that I go on expands my audience in some way.  That means that the ideas that I'm speaking about get a hearing from a wider range of people - and that's good.  It also adds potential new clients and opens up additional opportunities for the work I do, as a practical philosopher.  Going on someone else's show or site, and getting into conversations about what I do and what I'm passionate about, forces me to reexamine and improve my own skill-sets ass a communicator.

A good part of what I do involves articulating and applying resources culled from philosophy to common problems, issues, and challenges.  Some of that work focuses primarily on personal matters that impact not just academics, but also ordinary people and working professionals.  Other portions of that work bear upon institutions, organizations, and leadership.  So providing guest appearances and interviews - this is something that really struck home in the last few months - is really a natural extension of the work I'm already engaged in - putting philosophy into practice.

Since the start of 2017, I've done more than a dozen interviews or guest appearances - about a wide range of topics, issues, and philosophical ideas - appearing online in print, podcast, and video forms. I'm scheduled to go on several others later in the year, and just gave another interview yesterday with the New Acropolis. On that note, if you've got a podcast, platform, or site and would like to have me come on as a guest, reach out to me by email!

Appearances This Year So Far

Here are the interviews and guest appearances, arranged more or less in order of when they appeared:

National Public Radio’s To The Best of Our Knowledge: my portion of the show was focused primarily on Jean-Paul Sartre’s conception of Hell as other people, in an episode devoted to that notion more generally – you can listen here

Noetic Platform: this was a three way conversation, hosted by Luke Johnson, focused on Jean-Paul Sartre’s play “The Flies”.  We discussed France under Nazi occupation, the themes of remorse and human freedom, and existentialism more broadly – you can watch or listen here

Life After Pain Podcast: interview hosted by Naomi Kuttner.  We discussed key ideas of Stoic philosophy and Stoic practices that are particularly applicable to dealing with chronic pain and its challenges  – you can listen here

Better Than Food Podcast: interview hosted by Clifford Sargent. We discussed the three books that most changed my life (Plato’s Republic, Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, Epictetus’ Discourses.  This gave us an opportunity to discuss virtue ethics, personal development, and what to get out of philosophical texts – you can watch or listen here

Painted Porch Broadcast: interview hosted by Scott Perry.  Focused on Stoicism, understanding and applying the dichotomy of control, and how it helps with creativity and craft – you can watch or listen here

Conversation with Scott Tarulli: an open and enjoyable interview with one of my clients and collaborators, ranging over Aristotle’s Rhetoric, the music business, understanding and improving relationships, and what Aristotle has to contribute to music education  – you can watch or listen here

The Stoic Philosophy Podcast: interview hosted by Justin Vacula, discussing Stoicism and the emotion of anger, and how we can better understand and productively deal with anger using resources from Stoic philosophy  – you can listen here

Think Like a Thought Leader Podcast: interview hosted by Samuel Osborne, discussing practical philosophy as what I’m passionate about, how I got started in public philosophy, and a challenge for all the listeners – you can listen here

Stoic Mettle Podcast: interview hosted by Scott Hebert, discussing practicing Stoicism in concrete situations, the full meaning of Epictetus' dichotomy of control, and its applications to a number of examples and subject-matters – you can listen here

The Daily Stoic: text interview hosted by Ryan Holiday on my work on YouTube, what putting philosophy into practice means, Stoicism’s implications for leadership and entrepreneurship, dealing with anger using Stoicism – you can read here

Death Hangout: interview hosted by Olivier Lavor and Keith Clarke, discussing what Stoic philosophy has to tell us about our own death and the deaths of others we care about, how death can be a life-coach, and living as full lives as are possible and prudent - you can watch or listen here

Tom Richey Podcast:  interview hosted by Tom Richey, discussing the recent controversy about statues of confederate military officers, history and racism, Trump's "many side" remark, from a Stoic perspective - you can listen here

Philosophy Bakes Bread Podcast: interview hosted by Eric Weber and Anthony Cashio, discussing engaging in philosophy on YouTube, how I transitioned from a traditional academic to a practical philosopher, the work I do with my company, ReasonIO, and even some Hegel - you can listen here.  There's also a shorter bonus segment - a "Breadcrumb" - in which we talk about Modern Stoicism, Stoicism Today, and a few other Stoicism-related topics - and you can listen to that one here.

I'm very much looking forward to the interviews and guest appearances lined up - or being proposed -for later on this Fall.  They are a mix - some are invitations by sites, platforms, or podcasts, new to me, as a first-time guest - and others are return visits to podcasts or platforms I've previously been on.  Again, if you've got a podcast, video channel, or site and you'd like to bring me on, reach out to me, and we'll get a conversation going!

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