Sep 27, 2017

Philosophy Pop-Ups From September

Back in August, I started a new side project - doing live Philosophy Pop-Up sessions online.  I held the second set earlier this month.  For each of these, I pick a topic to start with, log on to either Facebook Live or YouTube Live, start talking about the topic, and then start responding to viewers' questions or comments.

Last month, we started out talking about Martin Heidegger's philosophy.  This month, I tackled a topic I'm currently writing a book about - Stoicism and its central focus on "living in accordance with nature".  We had several hundred people watching these live sessions - and quite a few of those people leaving comments or asking questions - so I extended the time from the originally planned 30-40 minutes to over an hour for each.

These are indeed "pop-ups" - I announce them in my social media on the day that I'm holding them.  I do make an exception for my Patreon supporters, as a perk for them - I let them know at the start of the month the day and time when each of the Philosophy Pop-Ups will take place.  (If you're interested in supporting my work - and getting some of those cool perks - here's my Patreon page).

Next month, since we'll be having Stoic Week, I'm also going to focus on something Stoic-related.  I haven't quite decided on the topic - quite likely I'll poll my Patreon supporters to tap their insights about it.  But you can bet there will be two more of these sessions in October - one on Facebook Live, the other on YouTube Live.

For those who missed the sessions this month, here are the video-recordings.

So, if you're not a Patreon supporter, you'll want to stay tuned to my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn social media presence - I'll be announcing both of the October sessions on Stoicism earlier in the day of those Philosophy Pop-Ups!

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