Oct 12, 2017

October Philosophy Pop-Up Sessions

If you missed the monthly Philosophy Pop-Up Sessions we held online earlier on in October - before I got totally bogged down (not complaining - I love that stuff!) with Stoicon 2017, Stoicon-X Toronto, and Stoic Week - there's some good news for you!

In fact, there's two bits of good news.  The first is that I'll be doing another two Philosophy Pop-Ups this coming month of November.  Since I've got several other commitments focused on the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche coming up this month - a podcast episode, a webinar, and two online seminars - that will be the main theme for the pop-up sessions this time around.

All of my Patreon supporters find out the exact dates and times for these live events at the start of each month.  For everyone else, I announce the Philosophy Pop-Ups earlier on the day that we hold them - so you can check my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) to find out when they are occurring.

The second bit of good news is that, since we hold these sessions through YouTube Live and Facebook Live, you can always go back and watch them later.  You can even write comments on the videos.  This month, the sessions focused on Stoicism, and specifically on Epictetus and what is called the "dichotomy of control".

Here are the videos from those two sessions:

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