Oct 4, 2017

Seven Videos on Nietzsche's "On Truth and Lying In An Extra-Moral Sense"

I'm slowly making good on some of the video commitments I made to my Patreon supporters.  At the start of the summer, I polled them to find out which thinkers they most wanted me to focus on, and the three winners were Immanuel Kant, Martin Heidegger, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

First, I created a number of Kant core concept videos, finishing up the sequence I started years back on his Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals.  Then I shifted focus to Heidegger, and shot an entire sequence of videos on his key essay "What Is Metaphysics?" (available here).  Then I started thinking about what text I wanted to tackle for Nietzsche.

I decided on his own short essay, "On Truth and Lying in an Extra-Moral Sense," (available here) since that also introduces some main ideas of his in a fairly straightforward - though for many readers still challenging - manner, and I created a series of seven short videos covering that work.

Here they are:
I hope you find them useful for approaching this major philosopher. Love him, hate him, agree or disagree - Nietzsche is definitely someone worth reading and thinking about! 

What's next when it comes to my work of producing these core concept videos?  Any more Nietzsche coming?  Right now, I'm shooting new videos on John Stuart Mill, Cicero, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Thomas Aquinas for the Ethics classes I'm teaching this semester.  But I'm hoping to get back to Nietzsche soon - and to start creating new core concept videos, most likely on his Birth of Tragedy.

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