Feb 1, 2018

Five Reviews of Recent Books on Stoicism

In the last decade, quite literally hundreds of books have been published, aiming to present Stoic philosophy and practice to a popular, non-academic audience.  They come at it from all sorts of angles, and vary wildly in quality.  So given the wide variety of choices, how can readers determine which books to spend their time, money, and attention on?

Last year, I had the idea to start reviewing books in my main YouTube channel - with a focus on literature having to do with practical philosophy, very broadly speaking. That would include works in applied ethics, philosophy as a way of life, self-help and personal development, leadership and organization, and even culture and technology.  Philosophy winds up being involved in pretty much all of those areas.

Since I was getting quite a few authors on Stoicism sending me their books - and as the editor of Stoicism Today and a member of the Modern Stoicism team - I decided works on Stoicism might be a good place for me to start.

At this point, I have reviewed five books in my new Sadler's Honest Book Reviews video series.  Each of them comes at Stoicism - both ancient and modern - in its own way.  If you're interested to know what Stoicism has to offer and why it has become such a strangely popular philosophical approach among non-academics, you should check out these reviews.

Here they are:

I've overall recommended each of these five books - some more highly than others.  In these reviews, I note what sorts of readers might enjoy or benefit from the book.  I also discuss the style and structure, summarize some of the key ideas, tell you what I liked about the book, and point out any problems I see with it.

So click on any of these that sound interesting to you - you'll get my well-informed, honest assessment - and then you can decide for yourself if you'd like to spend your time and cash (if you don't just get it at your local library) on one or more of these!

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