Feb 10, 2018

Philosophy Pop-Up Coming Up Today - Stoicism and Relationships

Each month, I hold two live online Philosophy Pop-Up sessions - one on Facebook Live and the other on YouTube Live.  Today from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM Central Time, we'll be having the YouTube Live session.

The topic this month that I'll start the session with is Stoicism and relationships.  Since it's Valentine's Day coming up this month, and since I've just authored a piece over at Stoicism Today on that very topic, we'll be focusing particularly on what Stoics would make of romantic or erotic relationships.  But as usual, related topics are fair game.

If you're just finding out about this session today, and you'd like to have more lead time for future ones, then you'll want to become a Patreon supporter.  Each month, one of the perks for all the people who underwrite my work doing public philosophy - from the $1 per month level on up - is that they get to find out the days and times for these Philosophy Pop-Ups ahead of time.

Here's the video link for the session:

If you'd like to watch any of the Philosophy Pop-Up sessions from previous months, here's links to all of them:

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