Jun 26, 2018

Four Podcast Lectures on Plato's Crito

I've been continuing on with my newly started podcast, Sadler's Lectures, converting my video lectures into edited mp3 sound files.   After finishing up with the six lectures on Platos' Apology, we've moved on to the four lectures on its logical successor, his dialogue, The Crito.

These four lectures on this dialogue comprise about 50 minutes of material - so you can listen your way through all of them through the average workout, commute, or lunch break.  You can easily download them from my channel and start learning!  If iTunes /Apple Podcasts or Google Play is more your speed, you can find my channel there as well.

Here are the four lectures:
As a reference, you might want to get The Last Days of Socrates, which includes the ApologyCritoEuthyphro, and Phaedo.

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