Academic CV


2002  Ph.D. in Philosophy, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

1997  M.A. in Philosophy, Southern Illinois University Carbondale,

1994  B.A. in Philosophy and Mathematics (summa cum laude),  Lakeland College


2014  Visiting Scholar, European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

2010-2011  Service Learning Teaching Fellowship, Center for Community Justice and Service Learning, Fayetteville State University

2009-2010  Charles Chesnutt Library Fellowship: Information Literacy and ACRL Standards,  Fayetteville State University

2009  Visiting Scholar Summer Residency, The Institute for Saint Anselm Studies, Saint Anselm College

2005  Erasmus Institute Faculty Summer Seminar Fellowship: Practical Rationality: Decision Theory, Aquinas, Lacan, led by Alasdair MacIntyre at Notre Dame University


French, Latin, Classical Greek, German

SELECTED EMPLOYMENT (for full employment and courses taught, see here)

2013-Present Professor, Oplerno

2011-Present President and co-Founder, ReasonIO

2011-Present  Instructor, Marist College

2008-2011  Assistant Professor, Fayetteville State University

2002-2008  Assistant Professor, Ball State University

1999-2001  Instructor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

SELECTED RECENT PUBLICATIONS (for the full listing of publications, see here)

"Anselmian Moral Theory and the Question of Grounding Morality in God," Quaestiones Disputatae 5/2

"Outlines of Jacques Lacan’s Ethics of Subjectivity," in The Ethics of Subjectivity in a Postmodern World: Essays on Selected Figures, Elvis Imafidon, ed. (TBA: 2014)

“Value, Affectivity, and Virtue in Aristotle, Scheler, and Von Hildebrand,” in Phenomenology and Virtue Ethics,” Kevin Hermberg and Paul Gyllenhammer, eds. (London: Bloomsbury. 2013)

“Virtue, Passions, and the Rule of Law in Aristotelian Politics,” Studia Neo-Aristotelica 9/2

“The 1930s Christian Philosophy Debates: Bibliografica Tematica,” Acta Philosophica 21/2

Reason Fulfilled by Revelation: The 1930’s Christian Philosophy Debates in France. (Washington DC: Catholic University of America Press. 2011)

“A Personalist Aspect of St. Anselm’s Neoplatonic Metaphysics,” Quaestiones Disputatae 1/2

Non Modo Verbis Sed Et Verberibus: Saint Anselm on Punishment, Violence and Coercion,” Cisterician Studies Quarterly 45/1

“Living Towards Eternal Life: Saint Anselm’s Christian Anthropology” in Death and Anti-Death, vol. 7: 900 Years after St. Anselm (1033-1109), Charles Tandy, ed. (Ria Press. 2010)

“Reason as Danger and Remedy for the Modern Subject in Hobbes’ Leviathan,” Philosophy and Social Criticism 35/9

“A Perfectly Simple God and Our Complicated Lives: The 2008 Saint Anselm Lecture,” The Saint Anselm Journal 5/1

SELECTED RECENT PRESENTATIONS (for the full listing of presentations, see here)

"Anselm's Views on Marriage, Sexual Desire, and Conjugal Love," at the 5th Saint Anselm conference

"Ages of Nihilism and Renewal in Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy," invited lecture to the Pell Honors Students, Salve Regina College

"Justice as a Degree of Ontological Dignity: An Anselmian Approach," at the 8th Felician Ethics conference

"Anger, Justice, and Injustice in Aristotle," at the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy conference

“An Overlooked Medieval Occasion: Anselm on Moral Inquiry, Justice, Virtues and Vices” at the 7th International Society for MacIntyrian Enquiry conference

"What is Aristotelian Prohairesis?" at the 7th Felician Ethics Conference

"Aristotle, Akrasia, and Anger," Socratic Discussion Series (sponsored by the Felician Ethics Institute), Felician College

"Broad Themes of the 1930s Christian Philosophy Debates," Catholic Studies Speaker Series (sponsored by the Marcellin Board), Marist College

“What Kind of Moral Theory Does St. Anselm Hold?” at the 6th Felician Ethics Conference

“Motive, Moral Discourse, and Conflict in the Song of Ice and Fire,” at the Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association conference

"The Ethics of Anger," invited presentation at the Cumberland County Library, Fayetteville, NC.

“Prison Education, MacIntyrian Virtue Ethics, and Moral Reformation,” at the 5th International Society for MacIntryian Enquiry conference

 “Human and Divine Wisdom in St. Anselm of Canterbury,” at the Cardinal Virtues: Wisdom conference, Viterbo University

“By The Content of their Character: Christian Love and Virtue Ethics in Martin Luther King’s Writings,” at the Philosophy Born of Struggle conference, Fayetteville State University

Fides Quaerens Rectitudinis Intellectum: Christian Faith and Practical Rationality in Anselm,”at the 4th International St. Anselm Conference, St. Anselm College


Coordinator, Rising Junior CLA Examinations and Entering Freshman CLA Examinations
  • Organized and oversaw transition from CBASE to faculty generated and graded CLA Performance Task examinations for ongoing benchmark institutional university-wide assessment 
  • Recruited, trained, and supervised roughly 20 faculty proctors and graders, interpreted and reported on data, provided recommendations to FSU administration
Subject Matter Expert, Critical Thinking, Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) and Faculty Development to the FSU Quality Enhancement Plan Committee
  • Advised and provided white papers to the QEP Writing Committee as major component of SACS reaccreditation 
  • Authored sections of FSU's 10 year university-wide QEP, Making Evidenced Based Decisions
  • Presented, explained, and defended relevant portions of the QEP to SACS evaluators
Coordinator, Writing Across the Curriculum Pilot Study: Close Readings and Scaffolded Skills
  • Organized and oversaw pilot group of 4 faculty from different disciplines studying and applying close reading techniques to classes to make them more writing-intensive 
  • Recruited and trained faculty involved in pilot, reported 
Co-Founder, Ethics in Business Education Project
  • Developed collaborative model with faculty from FSU School of Business and Economics
  • Assisted SoBE in improving Ethics Assessment and training graders for specialized AASCB reaccreditation 
  • Provided workshops on Moral Theories and on Ethics Assessment to SoBE faculty.
 Senator, Government and History Department, Faculty Senate, FSU 

Chair, Government and History Department Scholarship and Grants Committee, FSU


“Using Ethics Pedagogy as a Model for Interdepartmental Development and Assessment,” at Professional and Organizational Development conference

“Teaching (With the) Virtues and Supplemental Instruction,” workshop session at CUNY Supplemental Instruction conference

“Best Practices in Dealing with Challenges in Teaching Ethics Content,” FSU Ethics in Business Education Project workshop

“Effective Grading with the Newer CLA Rubric,” Saturday Academy workshop, FSU Office of Faculty Development

“Using Platonic Dialogues to introduce Students to Active Learning, Writing, and Critical Thinking,” workshop session, HBCU Faculty Development Symposium

“The CLA at Fayetteville State University: 2005-2010 and Beyond,” (with D. Swinford and A. Muhammad) CLA Spotlight Series Webinar

“Five Ethical Theories: Bare Bones for Business Educators,” FSU Ethics in Business Education Project workshop

“Teaching Philosophy to Inmates: Moral Development and Teaching Ethics in Prisons,” workshop session, American Association of Philosophy Teachers

“Medieval Arguments About The Existence of God: A Workshop in Teaching the Humanities,” faculty workshop provided to FSU HUMN 211/212 Instructors.


Translator and Proofreader, The Aquinas Translation Project (1998-Present)

Member, Catholic Studies Program Committee, Marist College (2011-present)

Associate Editor, Journal of Philosophy: A Cross-Disciplinary Inquiry (Kathmandu, Nepal) (2006-2011)

Cumberland County Great Books Discussion Group (2008-2011)

Co-Chair, University Collegiate Learning Assessment Workgroup, Fayetteville State University (2010-2011)

Member, University Fine Arts Series Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, FSU (2009-2011)

Member, Chancellor’s Reading Club Planning Committee, FSU (2009-2011)

High School Catechesis and Christian Doctrine Instructor, St. Augusta Parish (2002-2005)

Editorial Review Board, Kinesis (1996-2000)

Member, Student Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty Review Board, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (2000)

Member, Campus Judicial Board, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (1997-2000)